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Enter the location of departure and arrival, and if you have any doubt, check before you leave the path or the owner of the apartment where you booked your vacation: a trip makes it perfectly clear!

With car: Typical crops enagadinesi terraces are clearly visible from National Road. Coming from the north, it is easier Flüela pass, while south of the Ofen pass promises emotions. An unforgettable journey, arriving at Zernez, where the mountain air frizzantina accompanies you to your destination through contemplation of unforgettable mountain scenery. From
With train: The Bus departs from Scuol, where you come from Landquart (north) or Tirano (south) on board the fantastic Red Train Railway Retica, defined the best rail travel in the world.
With airplane: Samaden is the nearest tourist airport, where there is waiting for the station Rhaetian Railways, offering unforgettable trips. On reservation Samaden can reach from the international airports of Monaco Baviera, Zurich, Milan and Geneva. From the south, if you decide to choose a journey rail, you can reach Tirano, from Milan, thanks to railways Italian, then continue to the edge of the charming Bernina Red Train, from the north while the same service is provided by the Swiss SBB up Landquart, where he begins an unforgettable journey.
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